Verji Tech AS enters into strategic partnerships with 247Venture and 24SevenOffice


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A distribution agreement with 24SevenOffice opens new doors for distribution

Verji Tech AS announces today the signing of a significant distribution agreement with 24SevenOffice. This agreement will enable Verji Tech AS to distribute its innovative software, Verji, to a wide range of customers through 24SevenOffice’s established network both in Norway and internationally.

24SevenOffice, a leading provider of business systems in the Nordic region, is known for its innovative approach to business processes. With a strong position in the accounting firm market, over 200 accounting firms in Norway already utilize Verji.

The accounting industry experiences increased productivity when replacing person-dependent email dialogues with clients with group communication in encrypted rooms in Verji. Verji ensures secure communication with clients in compliance with GDPR and the Personal Data Act, as well as the option for Bank-ID signing of documents. The risk of data breaches is also significantly reduced when communication between employees, clients, and suppliers occurs in a closed encrypted system with only invited and verified users.

This collaboration agreement opens doors for Verji Tech AS to reach a larger audience and strengthen its presence in the market.

Alf Kenneth Bråthen, CEO of Verji Tech AS, says, “We are delighted to announce our partnership with 247Venture and our distribution agreement with 24SevenOffice. These strategic partnerships mark an important milestone for Verji Tech AS, and we look forward to leveraging the expertise and support from both organizations to accelerate our growth both in Norway and internationally over the coming years.”

Andreas Näslund, Head of Sweden and Denmark at 24SevenOffice, says, “We are pleased to welcome Verji Tech AS as our partner. Their advanced communication platform will be a valuable addition to our product offering, and we look forward to delivering innovative solutions to our mutual customers.”

Verji Tech AS creates growth opportunities through 247Venture's incubator program:

Verji Tech AS has signed an agreement with 247Venture to participate in their renowned incubator program. Through this partnership, Verji Tech AS expects to accelerate its development, strengthen its market position, and benefit from 247Venture’s expertise in business development.

247Venture, an innovative company specializing in investing in and assisting technology companies in realizing their full potential, will assist Verji Tech AS with strategic guidance and access to a broad network of investors to ensure sustainable growth.

Ståle Riisa, CEO of 247Venture, says, “Verji Tech AS represents an exciting company with great innovation potential. We look forward to working closely with them through our incubator program and contributing to realizing their ambitious goals.


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