On this page you will find various customer resources such as e-mail templates, terms and agreements, plus Verji shields to be used on the webpage.

Text templates for invitation to Verji

We have created some text templates that are useful when inviting colleagues or customers/clients to use Verji. You can download them by clicking the buttons below. You can choose text templates for employees or customers/clients and Norwegian or English language.
In the email templates we link to the page Why use Verji? This is great to use as information for employees and customers, who will use Verji.

Terms and agreements

In the document that can be downloaded by clicking on the button below, we have gathered various terms; Rosberg software terms, data processor agreement, and agreement on user terms for end users of Rosberg’s software. Overall these agreements regulate the relationship between customer and Rosberg relating to the use of Verji encrypted communication.

Verji-logo and shiled for secure communication

Here you find logo and various shields you may use on your webpage, to show your customers that your firm is concerned with secure communication. You are free to use these resources actively in marketing toward potential customers.

Are you going to link to the Verji portal?
You must use the logo or a small shield if you wish to link to the Verji portal, to refer to us as the solution supplier. Please use link: https://prod.verji.app/

Are you going to inform customers and potential customers that you’re using Verji?

If you write in blogs/news that you’re using Verji, or if you wish to link to us as your collaborating partner, you may choose the shield you think fits best to link to: https://www.verji.no/

PS! To download a logo or shield, right-click and select «lagre bildet som».


Shields with a short text, small format

Shields with a short text, large format

Shield with long text, large format