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How the growth company Tidy Account increased efficiency and IT-security!


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Raymond Bergesen, CEO

Tidy Account AS, the accounting firm, has been using Verji encrypted communication for three years. CEO Raymond Bergesen describes Verji as an ingenious system for communicating more securely and efficiently.

Tidy Account AS was founded by Raymond Bergesen and the plumbing company he worked for back in 2010. They aimed to increase their turnover from 0 to 10 million in 10 years, prioritizing safe and profitable growth.

Since its establishment, Raymond has consistently built the company, achieving a growth of approximately one full-time position each year while maintaining profitability. Tidy Account was also a Gazelle company for four consecutive years, a fact that the employees are justifiably proud of. Raymond emphasizes the importance of a sound financial foundation and always being on top of business operations. As a result, they never force growth but find that as time passes, more and more customers come to them through referrals.

Name Change and Significant Growth

In 2019, they made a significant change by renaming, rebranding, and launching a new website. Previously known as Compenso Økonomi, they changed their name to Tidy Account. These moves made the company appear more cohesive, and since then, their growth has only accelerated. In the fall of 2022, they collaborated with another accounting firm, Økopro, and later acquired it, spurring additional growth for that year. This year, they have hired three more employees, bringing their total staff count to 16 spread across offices in Trondheim and Rissa.

Raymond is performance-driven and passionate about realizing the company’s plans. He envisions further growth in the coming years and treats building the company almost as a hobby. He contemplates how far they can push their success, but always with an emphasis on quality. He foresees new locations and believes there’s no reason why Tidy Account can’t be twice as big in the future. However, all growth must be executed within safe boundaries.

Today, the accounting industry is witnessing increased consolidation, with many smaller accounting firms being acquired or joining larger chains. The driving factors behind this trend include increasing requirements that are easier to meet in a bigger environment. Raymond stresses the importance of embracing new technology to meet these new requirements efficiently and effectively. He believes that continuous innovation and leveraging new technology are essential for success. This includes everything from using robust accounting systems to efficient communication systems, like the encrypted communication they now have through Verji.

Having the best tools in these areas is paramount for Tidy Account. Customers also appreciate this, as they find their accounting tasks are becoming simpler. This positive experience is likely one reason why Tidy Account continues to receive referrals and grow its clientele.

Tidy Account has been using Verji encrypted communication for three years. Raymond recognized the need for it as a solution to various communication challenges between accountants and clients. Traditional email was not a viable option for sending documents containing personal data due to data protection laws. Instead, documents had to be stored as encrypted PDFs with a separate code sent to clients. However, clients weren’t always as conscientious about these laws, often sending encrypted personal data via regular email. Encrypted email was therefore not a forward-looking and long-term solution but was more used as a transition when the Personal Data Act was introduced. Another reason Verji was chosen is that the company can easily document, during an audit by Regnskap Norge or the Data Protection Authority, that they comply with the Personal Data Act in communication with contacts.

A Whole New World

Raymond wanted a simple solution for encrypting two-way communication so that their accounting office could ensure clients’ transmissions were secure. Through the benefit program of Regnskap Norge, he discovered the encrypted communication solution Verji. Raymond was also familiar with collaboration platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams but chose Verji due to its higher security level and the benefit agreement with Regnskap Norge.

Introducing Verji resulted in an immediate time-saving advantage compared to PDF encryption, ensuring compliance with data protection laws when sending or receiving personal data.

– Using Verji was very straightforward and intuitive for both staff and clients. It’s a cloud solution that runs in the browser, eliminating the need for installations. Access to all communication through the mobile app is extremely convenient, making it easy to stay informed and comment on issues even from the couch. This mobile app is frequently used by both the company and its clients.

Raymond highlights another benefit of Verji: the “rooms” feature, which is incredibly useful, especially in an environment with varying levels of employee experience. Clients always expect an extremely experienced partner, which isn’t always available. By having the person in charge participate in these customer “rooms,” they can easily monitor different customer dialogues and step in when needed. This ensures high-quality customer dialogue.

This is a game-changer compared to the old method of lengthy email threads between the client and the handler.

– With Verji, they’re in a much better position to assist quickly and effectively. We use this a lot.

According to Deloitte, over 90% of data attacks can be traced back to an email. Therefore, reducing internal email use and limiting external email use significantly reduces the risk. Tidy Account now uses Verji for both internal communication and client communication. Additionally, Verji is used for communication with other external parties when exchanging personal data, like sending employee information to insurance companies. Overall, using Verji has significantly reduced their email use, thereby decreasing the risk of data breaches.

When asked about support, Raymond says assistance is just a phone call away. However, the system is so intuitive that he’s only had to call twice in nearly three years. Raymond believes that systems should be as straightforward as the payment service Vipps, and in his opinion, Verji fits the bill. A few clicks and the job is done.

In conclusion, Raymond says that Verji offers an incredibly smooth and straightforward method for communication. Most importantly, it’s easy for clients to get started.

Do you want to know more about Verji?

Verji is suitable for all companies that want to communicate securely, easily and efficiently!

Do you want to know more about Verji?

Verji is suitable for all companies that want to communicate securely, easily and efficiently!